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I-Pads and Potty Training: Have We Taken the Digital World Too Far?

Potty training and technology meet as CTA Digital has designed an I-Pad Potty. The potty chair has a stand for the I-Pad. And when your child advances to an adult-sized toilet there is an I-Pad stand.

My question is: are we taking the use of electronics too far? The American Pediatric Association has recommended no screen time for children less than two years old and limited time as a preschooler. So, you have to ask yourself is the technology that important and will it be used in the right way (I assume without parent interaction) to be included in the process of learning to use the toilet? I would suggest the answer is “no”—and the availability of the I-Pad is another way to keep the child occupied while on the potty. I see I-Pads used consistently to keep a toddler quiet in restaurants as the family waits to be seated and served.

If I-Pads are used with such young children, be sure the experience is meaningful, used with your interactions and used appropriately.

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