St. Louis, MO

Children + 0 food= Hunger

We read in the media that the number of children being hungry and living in poverty is growing. How can we, as a nation, stand to see/know that children are hungry? What is wrong with us as a society that we read the headlines and seem immune to the plight of so many children and families? We have become so used to people suffering and we elect to do nothing.

Where does the blame lie? Or a far better question is who is going to fix it? I know, some people respond that it’s the parents’ responsibility. All the parents I have known want something better for their children than what they had. But I have never found an easy way to remedy the multitude of complex situations families’ are experiencing. Churches reach out to needy families, but that is limited in numbers. Food pantries and summer meal programs are of course steps in the right direction.

On national news last week, a reporter covered a story of a couple who feed as many people as possible by donations and preparing meals. They deliver the meals using a trailer. They see this as mission work and are now feeding 3000 people a day. What could you or I do? How many children are going to bed hungry in your community? What are you doing about it?

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