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Sleep: What Does Your Child Need?

The media has just published information about high school students being nocturnal and schools responding to this developmental characteristic by starting the school day later.  But what about other ages?

Toddlers and Sleeping: How to Have a Peaceful Bedtime

Children go through very normal fears and anxieties of sleeping, the dark, monsters, and nightmares.  And bedtime can become stressful for the entire family.

The ‘key’ to a peaceful bedtime with toddlers and preschoolers is a very predictable series of events.  For example,  a parent should tell her child that it is almost time to get ready for bed,  then offer a calm activity to do together such as working a puzzle.  It is critical to create and follow a bedtime routine:  these activities might be taking a bath, eating a light snack with milk, brushing teeth, toileting, and reading a book of the child’s choice.  Toddlers and preschoolers respond well to a routine and feel more comfortable knowing what is going to happen next.