Monthly Archives: September 2018

Learning the ABC’s

Alphabet books come in delightful sizes and themes. You can buy in cardboard and paperback books with themes of the ABC’s. But an additional experience and free is finding the alphabet in everyday print. Children first tend to become aware and learn capital letters. Capital letters are often more important and seen more are letters you find outside. Let’s take the ‘STOP’ sign at the end of the block. Ask your child what she thinks it says. Then touch the print and say, “This says Stop”. “S …T..O…P”.   Look for some other print and do the same thing.

Toddlers are Learning: Even with the Dog’s Water Bowl and the TV Remote!

Your child has an innate curiosity to explore and learn. Toddlers face a conundrum, stay next to Mommy or Daddy where it is safe or move away, crawling or walking to see something new. Usually the toddler chooses to move away, using those muscles and the new activity of crawling or walking so that she can understand the world around her.

Here in the US, we encourage our children to be independent. The act of crawling and walking is celebrated not only because of the new skill, but because with it we know comes more learning. As parents we might not always recognize the learning part, but it is there.

Our Trip To the Disney Store: Fantasy Land

An important event in our grandparent lives is when our two granddaughters stay for one week each summer. This year our girls, ages four and nine-years-old, planned what things we should do.  As I wrote the list, our nine-year-old, Alicia, suggested we make boxes in front of each experience so we could check them off upon completion.  Organized, right?  And our four-year-old, Emma, chimed in with places we had visited on previous stays.  Prominent on our list was the Disney Store. One morning, Nana and the girls drove to our local mall.  Excitement was high in our car as we found a parking space.  Alicia, who previously had been to the Disney store when her sister was a baby, assured Emma, confidently, “It is great, you’ll love it!”