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Capturing Those Precious Moments with your Baby–Even in the Grocery

Precious moments with babies are fleeting.  As an early childhood specialist and a Nana of two young granddaughters, I wanted to shout at the young woman struggling with the 5 month old baby at the grocery store, “ Take a deep breath, slow down.  Don’t miss experiencing this with your child”.

I know it is a lot of work taking a baby to the grocery. There are many logistics. First, arranging to go between the window of finishing a nap and being fed.  Then the preparations: changing into a fresh diaper.  Taking; the baby front carrier pack, a bottle, small toy, a change of clothes, fresh diapers and wipes, plastic bags and the grocery list.

I have concerns about letting our 7 year old ‘cut the apron strings’ Do you?

Jon is seven now, he wants to walk with Charley (a friend who also is seven) to the park six blocks away.  Is this a reasonable request?  Jon knows his address, the ‘stranger danger’ rules, and Charley is fairly mature.  So why does it take me so long to make up my mind?  I used to walk to the pool when I was in the primary grades, and it was about the same distance from home.  Much to his disappointment, my response is that I will walk with them and read a book on a bench in the park.