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Is Your Child Experiencing Anxiety in Adjusting to School?

Try reading some of these books together.

Kindergarten Toni Buzzeo. (2010). Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten. NY: Puffin Books.PenguinGroup. Katie Davis. (2008). Kindergarten Rocks. NY: Voyager Books. Harcourt Inc. Anna Jane Hays. (2007). Kindergarten Countdown. NY: Dragonfly Books. Joseph Slate. (1996). Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten. NY: Puffin Books. Penguin Group. D.J. Steinberg. (2012). Kindergarten, Here I Come! NY: Grosset & Dunlap. Penguin Group. Natasha Wing. (2001). The Night Before Kindergarten. NY: Grosset & Dunlap.Penguin Group.

Sleep: What Does Your Child Need?

The media has just published information about high school students being nocturnal and schools responding to this developmental characteristic by starting the school day later.  But what about other ages?

“Loveys and Security Blankets” Should Young Children Still Use Them?

Is your child making the transition to preschool or Kindergarten?  Should she take that dirty, scraggly blanket, stuffed animal?  Is it embarrassing to you?  Here is the ‘scoop’.

All of us need to be accepting of all security objects. And that ‘all’ includes moms, dads, siblings, extended family members and teachers!   As a director of a lab school and private childcare center, and as a teacher, I have seen a wide assortment of ‘loveys’: stuffed animals—horses, bears, Big Bird, comb, mother’s bracelet, dad’s key chain, dolls, books, blankets, sweaters, etc.. The most important thing about a security object is the the availability of the lovey and the adult’s acceptance.