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Books for Infants and Toddlers

Black and White Illustrations—Excellent for newborns and Young Infants

Hoban, Tana. (1993). White on Black.  NY: Harper Collins.  

Hoban, Tana. (2007). Black and White.  NY:  Harper Collins.  (accordion fold out)


Pictures of Babies and Animals

Priddy Roger.  (2001).  Happy Baby Words.  NY:  St. Marin’s Press.

Priddy Roger.  (2001).  Happy Baby Colors.  NY:  St. Marin’s Press.

No Author.  (2006).   Colors.  NY:  Scholastic.

No Author.  (2004).  Animal Colors. Essex, Eng.:  Eagle Global Logistics.  (small size)

No Author.  (2004).  Animal Patterns. Essex, Eng.:  Eagle Global Logistics.

No Author.  (2004).  Animal Sounds. Essex, Eng.:  Eagle Global Logistics.

Books for Preschoolers

Books for Preschoolers

Dorros, Arthur.  (1991).  Abuela.  NY:  Trumpet Books.

Fitzgerald Howard, Elizabeth.  (1991).  Aunt Flossie’s Hats (and Crab Cakes Later).  NY: 


Fox, Mem.  (2012).  Tell Me About Your Day Today.  NY:  Beach Lane Books, Simon &


Fox, Mem.  (1988).  Koala Lou.  NY:  Voyager Books, Harcourt.

Freeman, Don.  (1968).  Corduroy.  NY:  Puffin Books,  Penguin Putnman.

Hofffman, Mary.  (1991).  Amazing Grace.  NY:  Scholastic.

Hoban, Russell.  (1964).  Bread and Jam for Francis.  NY:  Scholastic.

Keats, Ezra Jack.  (1967).  Peter’s Chair.  NY:  Harper Collins.  New baby in the family