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Making Barbie Dolls Reflective of Our Lives: Bald Barbie

Children use toys to help them dramatize what they see and are learning in the world. Dramatizing helps children understand what is happening around them. It enables them to sort through their feelings, express knowledge and in the right setting provide an opportunity for a ‘keyed’ in adult to correct misconceptions.

Often we see girls and boys dramatizing everyday activities such as cooking, going to the grocery, taking care of babies. Also, we observe children acting as a parent disciplining a doll. For an observer such as a parent or teacher, it is humorous to hear our ‘own’ words being used.

Living with Toddlers

One of the first things to remember is that toddlers do not like change. Moms know that just trying to get a toddler to stop playing with a toy and go do something else can be a struggle. Toddlers are egocentric, so what they want and what they are doing are thinking and doing is “the only way to look” at the situation. With this caveat in mind, transitional warnings are greatly important. Even then, Moms know that crying and unhappy toddlers may still happen when a change occurs.