Monthly Archives: September 2010

Children Living in Poverty: It Is Our Problem Too!!!!!

           Poverty rates for families are climbing.  On September 17th, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported that Missouri’s poverty rate grew 3.5 times faster than the national average since the 2000 census.  From these statistics, we can see that we have had families in crisis longer than the current recession.  The Post Dispatch further reported that 15.5% of Missouri population lives in ‘official’ poverty.  While I am confident there are an abundance of ‘spin doctors’ who can ‘paint’ these numbers with magic colors to make them look not quite as bleak, in my view poverty is poverty!

Giving Children a Real First Amendment ‘Voice’ in Services and Education


The recent, well publicized non-event, originating from what was portrayed as a small (in membership) church in Gainesville, Florida was variously examined in media echo chambers as a First Amendment (freedom of expression) activity.  As distasteful as this non-event turned out to be, it prompted me to reflect on the rights granted to adult citizens in the U.S. compared to the rights of children citizens, but not in a freedom of expression context, rather as a matter of ‘redress of grievances’ which is an often overlooked element found in the last three words of the Amendment.